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Our Mission

A better world starts with healthy communication in relationships. Aimée is your pocket-sized guide to deeper connections.

Sexuality and Embodiment

We hadn't have sex in a long time, I don't even know anymore, how to break the ice...

Maria, 36
Married for 8 years, struggles with opening up
Mental Health and Wellbeing

...I feel very sensitive. I can't manage my emotions...

Joe, 22
Introverted and hard to open up to people
Love and Relationships

...I'm a very shy person, I often find it difficult to share my feelings with others...

Joe, 22
Introvert, needs a interactive diary
Aimée provides a private, judgment-free space to explore your feelings and relationship concerns, even before considering couples therapy.

Be completely honest. Your conversations with Aimée are confidential and judgment-free. We don’t share your answers with your partner!
Mediation from Aimée, guided by our coaches and couple therapists, helps you express your needs, emotions, and boundaries.
Use Aimee as your Interactive Diary for emotional growth
Track your progress and see Real Results with Aimee’s personalized insights.
Express your emotions playfully with Aimée without judgement and stigma.

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The Team

We are a real team, not just an app

Benjamin Heinrich
Founder & CEO
Nikolay Melnikov
Full Stack Developer
Alessia Marchi
Psychologist & Researcher
Taisiya Yakovleva
Product Designer

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